Sunday, January 23, 2011

Advance Guard Action: Part 2

To take up the action here in Part Two
Realizing that the enemy brigade is stronger (because of a lucky reinforcement roll in the early stages of the game),  Grolsteiner colonels march their lads into line and prepare to defend the bridge.

Just as the Grolstein line forms up and their light infantry cross from the far side of the river, a squadron of Kuschen hussars forms up in front of Crunkenhof and is charged by a squadron of dragoons initiating the battle.

On the Bleiherzen left Col. Gerlach deploys his jagers on open ground...a precarious position in the face of oncoming lancers...

Beliherzen dragoons are ordered up through Crunkenhof to support the hussars.

The Gentlemen Pensioners regiment moves up to anchor the Bleherzen right wing.

Though overmatched by the heavier dragoons, The hussars win the first round of melee and send the dragoons back in disorder.

...and the hussars pursue their broken foes across the front of the deploying Grolstein battleline.

Supporting dragoons are to late to save Col. Gerlach jagers as they are ridden down by the Poles.

At this point in the battle, an overview shows the lancers in the top left distance charging Gerlach's jagers. In the middle ground a squadron of dragoons forms up to screen the approaches to Crunkenhof, and in the lower left the Gentlemen Pensioners formed in line. Visible in the distant top right the Kuschen hussars complete the destruction of the Grolsteiner dragoons.

...continued in Part 3


Capt Bill said...

Simoly the best, thanks...

Paul´s Bods said...

A very impressive collection there and a nice set up.

Prinz August Heiner Gebhard Ulrich Grabowski von Boffke said...

A rousing battle report, and lovely troops to boot. Your blue hussars are especially nice. How did you paint the vandyk edging on the saddle cloths so skilfully?

Best Regards,


abdul666 said...

An excellent report for an exciting 'Old School' Game, and so much eye-candy: thanks for sharing!

littlejohn said...

Thanks guys for the encouraging comments!
Prinz August, The Vandyke edging on the hussar saddle cloths are done with a bit of a trick...I found drawing the zig-zag edging with a fine white gel pen first and then following up with a spot of color in the triangles left over seemed to give a good effect...better at least than my brushwork and my poor eyesight combined might do! I find sometimes that saddle cloths are best edged with pens.

rob3rod said...

I love the paint job on the figures, they are very inspiring.No doubt you will have been asked before, but what range are the lancers,the horses look like RSM ,what are the troopers.
thanks Robbie

littlejohn said...

Yes the lancers are RSMs both horses and riders. I just used the (OT-MM) "Mounted Mamluks" in the Ottomans line from the Dayton RSM site, (I think they are the only place you can get RSMs....and thank goodness for that!). The Mamluk castings are a pretty close match to period images of Polish uhlanen.