Saturday, September 26, 2009

Skirmish at Glenton

Today's post is an account of a cavalry skirmish which occurred the day before the Battle of Burnt Commons reported in an earlier post told mostly as captions to the pictures (you can see the strategic sketch map posted there showing the site of the skirmish in relation to the larger battle).

I broke out the old "GeoHex" hills I have for this one so they are showing the signs of wear from many years of gaming. I'm also planning to play a historical battle (Cheriton Wood) next and the GeoHex works well for capturing the feel of actual topography (even though the flocked hills are a little odd looking on the latex painted surface of the "Green Mile"). So the high ground for this skirmish is also modeled after a map of the topography of the Cheriton battlefield minus the wood and lanes so the table can be used with some re-arranging for the upcoming Cheriton refight.

The situation at start. The Royalists rearguard (in red) are trying to protect a camp of baggage that straggled on the march

Overview from Glenton towards the approaching Parliamentary horse...the Royalist initially oppose with only one troop astride the road.

Cavalier horse and dragoons alerted and head out to support the rearguard...and the wayward baggage camp in the background.

The lone troop of Sir Horatio Cary's Horse trot down the road to meet the oncoming Roundheads.

Two troops of Rupert's Horse gallop to support Cary's troop.

Rupert's first troop forms to the right of Cary just as the Parliamentary horse advance in the distance.

Charge and countercharge and a general melee ensues.

...a hot contest

As the melee rages, a third troop of Waller's Parliamentary horse advance against the Royalist flank...

Cary's troop falls back to regroup...

Waller's troop arrives on the flank of the melee to deliver a volley and then charges in...

But the Royalists throw in the second troop of Rupert's and for a time, a confused swirling melee...

As night falls, scattered horsemen from both sides reform... while at the site of the melee, Rupert's second troop throw back Waller's horse onto Haselrigg's cuirassiers arriving too late to tip the balance...

Thus the Royalists are able to shepherd the straggling baggage train to safety and for a time delay the Parliamentary pursuit...a win for the King!


Fitz-Badger said...

I've always had a "soft spot" for the Royalists and Prince Rupert (just more dashing than those dull roundheads, don't you know - lol), so I'm glad to see them triumph in this cavalry skirmish. :)

Ubique said...

Very nice figures and set up! I love the use of cotton wool to indicate musket fire. Very evocative.


Bluebear Jeff said...

A fine account, sir. Excellent map and captioning . . . and I also like the fact that your table is the same size as mine (I'm presuming from the map it is 5' x 8') . . . which means that I can replay your scenarios on my own table . . . once I've painted up figures, of course.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...


...and there's always the possibility of using the scenario for another period as well. (I'm re-painting and re-basing some Mechwarrior plastic sf figures -ex "Wizkids" stuff- and using them for "Ogre" sf miniatures and I think I've got enough done for this scenario...hmmm do I hear the sound of energy blasters in the distance?)


tidders said...

Super little action.

Hoorah for the Royalists.

-- Allan