Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lord Brook's Regiment of Foote

The last ECW game played here at the Lead Gardens was specifically designed to be both a break from the summer colonial project and an inspiration to get some more 40mm ECW lead painted up. So here is the result of the painting impetus...(despite a busy return to work). This new unit represents Lord Brook's Parliamentary regiment clad in purple. I thought this regiment would make a good subject to model since I had never painted a purple uniform and my Parliamentary army needed another foot regiment. These guys were a hard fighting unit and suffered heavily at Edgehill so I figured they would be a good unit to include in the collection.

I also thought to try Phil Olley's (and Barry Hinton's) method for making flags from actual cloth instead of my usual printed paper followed by paint approach. I was a bit unsure where to get men's handkerchief material but a quick trip to the local Wal Mart resulted in a pack of 6 for 3 dollars. More than enough for an army of flags!

The cloth flag method is outlined in Charles Grant's "The Wargame Companion" and is also found on Barry Hinton's "League of Augsberg" website. I followed the instructions to the letter and I think the flag turned out pretty good...even if it did take a bit more time to produce the result is well worth the effort. (The cloth gives a nice texture to the flag...a lot of "depth" and "scale effect".)

So my "Purple Roundhead" regiment, though arriving too late to participate in the Battle of Burnt Commons, they will most certainly be present to"entertain" the Royalist curs with muskets and pike in the next fight!

This unit brings me to the end of my unpainted 40mm lead.... so time to get selling some more stuff on ebay to build up funds for another order! (Figures are a mix of Sash and Saber and Romanov....the S&S are moumted on pennies to make up for the slight difference in size compared to the Romanov figures.)


Fitz-Badger said...

The figures and the flag look great!

No more unpainted lead?! You'd better quickly remedy that situation! ;)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Brook's foot looks grand, sir. But thou shouldst muster up more troops for His Majesty . . . 'twould not be well to allow yon Roundheads too much of an advantage.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Super looking regiment of foot. The Romanoff and S&S figs mix together well. The flag looks good too !

-- Allan

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Very nice indeed! Purple is remarkably effective..... I always remember a regiment of French Napoleonic foot I had that had purple facings - have always remembered them even after all these years!