Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Break From the "Salt Mines"

Faculty offices at the Wieliczk salt mines...

Now I know being a university professor is not by any stretch the toughest job out there, but this past couple of weeks getting the semester started has really hammered down my gaming and blogging time! But now that things are moving along on that front I was able to do two important things....the first was getting my unpainted projects out of our "alleged" home office and into a dedicated closet with new shelves and a semblance of organization. This was a bit of a birthday gift for my wife who was beginning to think I was a mentally certified "hoarder" (she's been watching the cable TV show of the same name and she keeps looking over at me during the show and muttering, "I think I know this guy...". So I thought that the better part of marital valor was to beat a tactical retreat out of the office room. Now it actually is an office and I moved our computer there to prove it so she's happy.

I also set up an ECW game for a change of pace from Colonials to help me get inspired to finish my last unit of unpainted 40mm foot. (well...not ultimately the last...but until I have funds to order some more I'm holding it to 5 foot units for each side.)

a straightforward ECW hypothetical set piece to get the campaign blood up again!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, what happened in the battle?

Surely you are not just going to tantalize us with the setup and leave it at that?

Come now, we want more photos and an "after action" report, sir.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

will do...the pics I have now are a bit fuzzy because all I had was my phone camera...But I'm headed over there today with my "real" camera to get some better shots...the battle is just at its peak.