Friday, August 21, 2009

An Unexpected Journey

A trip to visit my family and in particular my father who has been experiencing some ill health lately (fortunately he is doing much better), led me to the far reaches of south Louisiana last week. Though the trip took me off the gaming map for a while, the seafood was superb and in addition to gaining a few pounds on my mothers authentic cajun food, I did manage to find a few more boxes to complete the desert fort I started in the last post. I'll be working on that in the coming weeks. I also found a couple of nice wooden boats that when converted will be just right to make a few more dhows to complement the Mahdi's navy. With teaching and fall semester looming next week, I'll have to be more careful with time but of course there's always room for gaming!

in the meantime here are the parts of the fort that I had completed in the last post in action.

You can see the box built parts work fairly well with my existing desert buildings (done the old fashioned hard way with balsa, and "Durhams" water putty coating).

Though my collection is 25/28mm Old Glory, these 20mm Ral Parthas work well for mahdist artillery because their smaller size fit the ramparts long as I don't put them right up next to the OG figures they look ok. The 2 crew are painted as captured Egyptians...the guy with the whip keeping them to their work at their guns is an Old Glory leader figure. He's a bit bigger so he looks suitably tough.)

So then more to come soon ...gunboats, forts, and the Naval Brigade next.


jmilesr said...

Your "box" forts look really good - what a great idea to build them from boxes. I'll be copying your idea to build some Warhammer 40k terrain for my son.

I know how good the food in LA can be - I'm originally from New Orleans and live in MD now - oh how I miss the food, especially mudbugs!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I've never been to Louisiana, so I can't speak to the food (although my wife loved it when she was there) . . . but I can say that I really like your "box" houses . . . and they look great inside your city walls.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, the box houses and walls were an isnpired bit of work. Pretty simple and just as effective.
If I ever get around to a Northwest frontier/French Foreign Legion type game I'll be sure toborrow the idea. ;-)