Friday, April 3, 2009

Minden 1759

For this weekend's battle, I decided to set up a historical scenario that would be a more classic battle using most (except for the light troops) of my 18th century collection. So the goal is to get some serious splendor on the table and have something to daydream about when I'm up to more prosaic shopping for the week's provisions...

The battle is Minden and is probably well known to most of my readers. I used two sources for the set up. The primary source for the OB's is an article by CS Grant in an old issue of "Miniature Wargaming" that was a special issue on the 18th century. (I'll post the exact issue asap)..
The second source was the Volley and Bayonet 1st edition rules that have a nicely scaled table of the battle and an accurate OB as well.

I used my Austrian/Grolstein forces to represent the French, and the Prussian/Blieherzen forces for the English/Allies. The Grant article scales the forces at roughly 10 French infantry units versus 9 Allied infantry and 2 to 3 cavalry units per side. I halved the totals so I could get the same ratio with my collection giving a (very rough) result of 5 infantry units per side and 1 -1/2 units of cav per side. with 4 guns each. Like the historical battle, roughly equal forces. I decided not to use any light infantry for this battle. So a straight up contest of disciplined musketry and iron will!

The French battle line anchored on the villages with the fortifications of Minden in the background right.

The English/Allied forces arrayed on the left

...the whole table to be fought this weekend...I can't wait!

(...I think a better backdrop is called for...I'm not liking the white block wall in the far distance!...and ...I'm planning on breaking out the tripod this weekend to get some clear pics as well)

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Fitz-Badger said...

Cool! I always enjoy pics of your minis and terrain. I'll look forward to the battle report!