Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green Jackets... Part 3-Done in a Weekend!

So I had a good weekend of painting despite lots of errands and small things to do for the wife. —We are on an austerity campaign to shop more carefully for food so we spent a couple of hours today making a list for the week's food and shopping smart (for a change...) so we did really well in that department. And on the painting front the 95th came together nicely and really quickly so I now am on to some French Voltigeurs (Perry plastics) to oppose them so that I can get right on to a Peninsular War skirmish. I have a British Battalion (the Buffs) finished as well so some pics of that soon. Now that I have a couple of units (Brit and French) also waiting in the wings that are already assembled based and primed so I have high hopes to get a basic Naps force table ready in the coming few weeks. (Those Sharpe novels have really given me some good momentum!)

The only small problem was that I found the Foundry Brit figures are slightly smaller than the Perry and Victrix plastics (the plastics are 28mm and I think the Foundry tend towards 25mm) so I will probably eventually sell these 95th figures when I get a set of 28mms that are more compatible...but generally I think they will be fine on the table for now.


Fitz-Badger said...

Splendid troops!

One thing I have found with Foundry minis is some of their lines are in a slightly smaller/finer scale than others. I have a good number of SYW figures, a few Vikings and Medievals, and some AWI figures. The AWI and some of the Medievals are small next to the SYW and Vikings.

Fraxinus said...

Great 95th, and you've done the 'Buffs'.....looking forward to seeing them as I'm typing this from their old recruiting ground East Kent. Their museum in Canterbury is now shut sadly while the building is redeveloped. Great Regiment with a great history.Just ordering some new Perry British infantry



tidders said...

Sharp looking rifles. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your nap's

-- Alllan