Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green Jackets!

I got a shipment of Foundry British rifles from "The War Store" and got right to them since I'm reading the Sharpe stories and that puts lots of momentum into the project. Painting the 95th is a challenge for me since I have never quite figured out how to paint highlights on a dark green uniform. It seems like whenever I lay in the highlight it lightens the green too much or if the highlight is too dark its gets lost and the figure just remains to dark.

So I'm going to try it again and maybe do a little research on the web on some of the figure painting sites and maybe get it right this time!

I also am using a Citadel green wash over the base green to further darken the detail on the basecoat. The first pic shows the comparison of the base green and the washed version on the right. It also brings up the "greeness" and the contrast so that from a distance the figure doesn't just look black.

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