Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eureka! (Mercenaries en route to the Konigreich)

Had a nice surprise today (this was originally written a couple of weeks ago) in the mailbox in the form of 24 Eureka 25mm mid 18th century Aquebusiers de Grassin figures. EXCEPTIONAL castings and really close in scale to my RSMs. I've included an RSM dismounted dragoon in the pics for comparison. The only real difference is a bit more "heft" to the Eureka figures.... but they are similar in height. (the washers you see in the pics are 3/4" in diameter to give you a sense of scale.)

The detail is really great. Delicate sculpturing with nice buttons, trim and musket detail but in scale and not in a "heavy heroic style" like a "Crusader" or the like. I'm planning a unit of French mercenaries fighting for the Konigreich initially, (but with a somewhat suspicious political allegiance since the Konigreich is allied with Prussia and the French being allied with Austria... you get the picture...) but you never know about mercenaries ...

I think they will be painted like the historical Aquebussiers de Grassin and just get a fictitious name because I love colors of the historic French army seen in the Molliard reference and hope one day to collect a French army as well.

...and some images of the completed unit (I'm trying out a different basing scheme on these guys...individually based for skirmishing but grouped for moving and display on 40x40 square magnetic trays)

the command group

the entire unit consists of a command group and two "companies" of 9 figures each.

These fellows have been recently spotted on the march towards the Konigreich and are expected to arrive any day give much needed bolstering of Bleiherzen's defense against the predations of the Duchess' grenzers who have been increasingly raiding throughout the winter months despite the dirty weather.


Fitz-Badger said...

Great looking minis! Looking forward to seeing them painted (as I'm sure you are, too). :-)

tidders said...

Yummy, I'm sore you'll make a good job of painting them

-- Allan