Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Project!?

Just got a CD copy of these "super cool" (as my son would say) rules from the "Virtual Armchair General" site and on first blush, really look like a ton of fun! A Very Well Done update on Wellsian outdoor/toy soldier wargaming. It did not take me long looking at the rules before I was hunting up on Irregular Miniatures website for their 42mm toy soldier style 19th century listings...Oh! the madness! I was led down this delicious primrose path by " on his new Army Red/White blog...so if "the authorities" inquire,.. he's to blame. I've had an "itchy" spot for this kind of gaming for a few years now and I may have reached a tipping point with these rules.

vintage Britians Lancer with 10mm Carthaginians in the background

For my last post on trees I dug out a vintage Britians lancer figure I have had in a box for six years and dusted the stout fellow off and now, having done his service as a scale figure in the last few pics, he is sitting here on my workbench looking glorious but a bit forlorn...he might just need some hard campaigning with some new mates to set him right again...