Friday, April 10, 2009

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

So another great battle report over at "For Ye Kinge" has thrust me back into my enthusiasm for the English Civil War period. I set up a battle today to be completed this weekend and this evening have started a foot regiment and a squadron of horse for good measure. Tonight was devoted to trimming and cutting pikes and such. I find the late night hours after everyone has gone to sleep to be a most productive time. Tomorrow I'll start with priming and basic colors. (the wooden buckets are also slated to be added to a currently empty baggage wagon.)

Also, here are a couple of pics of 28mm French Napoleonic light infantry that I recently finished. (Perry Plastics...) I've finished a unit of 12 for skirmishers to oppose the 95th rifles just completed... and the line infantry for bigger battles is on its way soon.

I broke down and ordered a unit of 12 Brit dragoons from Elite miniatures (a bit expensive...) but the Naps project is taking on a life of its own....and I just can't stop with infantry. So in a month or so French cav and artillery for both sides will be in the works.

While cleaning out my garage, I also found some Napoleonic cav that had been given to me 6 years ago by the father of an "old girlfriend" of mine (before I met my wonderful wife...)...he was a serious collector of classic toy soldiers (he had once sold some of his Britains collection to Malcom of the great collectors of Britains in the world). Unfortunately because the girl and I parted ways, i.e...I got dumped... I also lost the connection to a great guy in her father and his amazing collection....but such is life! But I still have these cool Willie figures that will be incorporated into the Naps collection. And I'm still the proud owner of a vintage Britains Queen's Coronation carriage given to me for Christmas by the gentleman a few years ago! (I'll post some pics of this treasure some day soon!)

But for now here are the 30/28mm Willies:

They were painted by someone else in a basic wargames standard paint job so I'm planning to touch them up a bit and resculpt/replace a few broken horse tails and swords. I remounted them this past week on GW plastic bases. These are the first Willies I ever laid eyes on and I have to say they are really beautiful despite their age. Hopefully with a little care they can be brought to full splendor soon!

What a Cool Hobby!!!

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