Thursday, December 4, 2008

Switch Hitters

I was able, despite a busy week, to get in a bit of painting on The Project so I'm pretty happy. The newest unit of foot represents perhaps a typical local garrison unit and is painted in a more motley color scheme. I didn't model it after any specific historical unit so it will be able to serve on either the Royalist or Parliamentarian side in a given battle depending on the needs of the scenario. I used a colorful flag to give the unit a visual appeal despite the mostly grey/brown/off white scheme of the coats.

The flag would be reminiscent of a thirty years war flag and some ECW flags had horizontal I used it to give the "switch" unit some visual punch with the rationale that they might use whatever flag was at hand. I've had good success with just printing out my flags on my HP inkjet and then once they are on the staff (I use UHU glue) I fold them...let dry till they stiffen...then I come back carefully and paint over the printed colors for a bit more intense opaque quality. I've used the flags available on the Quindia site as well as some I've drawn digitally myself. I then lighten the base colors and highlight the outer curves...and I think its a pretty good look, though The League of Augsburg website has some REALLY beautiful flag work done on linen flag material. I've yet to try that but its definitely on my "to do" list.

Also, to my great pleasure, got an order in from Sash and Saber (quickly shipped I might add..) of two guns and crews that will also serve in a "switch hitting" role for either side when they are needed. The S&S guns and crews are really nice and I'm looking forward to adding them to forces. I've got enough figures to make about two more foot units and perhaps another dragoon unit then I will have to figure out what's next! I'm thinking a couple more horse units for each side. Since the Royalists in both of the last two battles have routed the Roundhead horse pretty easily I think Parliament will get the lions share of the new levy.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Again I like the look of the unit.

About the two cannons, one looks to have a longer barrel than the other. Which two are they?

-- Jeff

tidders said...

You have certainly been busy, the new regiment of foot looks good; the flag is nice and colourful.

Which S&S cannons are these ? Culverin and Saker ?

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

The longer lower gun is a saker (S&S ECWE2) and the taller shorter barreled gun is a culverin (S&S ECW E3).

Thanks again for all the comments! Yes it seems like I'm making a lot of progress these days on the gaming front...I think it qualifies as an "Official Obsession" ;) and not nearly as life threatening as my occasional martini bender!... though when I combine the two, that's when I make crazy decisions to order things like Napoleonics and Sci Fi...or better yet, start another period in 40mm.

The moral: never drink and visit the Sash and Saber website.


MattCleveland said...

Excellent painting. Looking forward to seeing the roundhead cavalry.
What style will you be going for? Hesselrigge lobsters? Eastern Association, lobster tail pots, etc?

littlejohn said...

Thanks Matt, I am looking to beef up the cavalry for both sides soon. I do have Haselriggs done...they may be in some of the pics in the "Notes on the Battle", (Nov. 18th) post. I love the unit but they keep getting their butts kicked by Ruperts cav! ...I've only played a few battles with them so far so no way to judge how they do long term. But apparently the real unit got routed at Edgehill, (if I recall)..goes to show that expensive armor is sometimes no substitute for elan!