Thursday, December 6, 2012

Encounter on the High Seas

HMS London and SMS Brandenburg closing range.
 The newspapers are unclear as to why this incident occurred, but word from the admiralty has it that German ambitions in East Africa were in need of a stout pounding!
An early critical hit slows the Brandenburg but she still packs a dangerous punch
 I managed to get my first two pre dreadnoughts at this larger scale  painted up in late Victorian livery, and decided to give them a go with a single ship to ship action set up the hex board I made a week ago out of the back of a Christmas tree mat. The hexes are M44 sized and I plan to get/make a larger hex mat with 5" hexes soon but until then, I just assumed the ships were located in the bow hex and it all worked out pretty well.
The London changes course to close range and sustains a hit in her forward turret.

The "iron dice" are rolling hot for Brandenburg's gun crews and the London begins to take significant damage as the range closes.

at 4.000 yards both ships run parallel courses and trade pounding broadsides.

Both ships are approaching their "break off" point with the London taking another hit on her guns.

Final turn of the game finds the London battling a fire and attempting to escape, but the Brandenburg gets in a final broadside that completely disables the London and she starts to list and the captain reluctantly orders "abandon ship!"

"Londoners were shocked at the news in the morning papers..."-

I'm really enjoying Bob Cordery's "Memoir of Battle at Sea"...and the great potential for adding "chrome" to the basic rules. The ships painted up pretty well and look the part so I started a couple of British cruisers to beef up a retaliatory strike on those overly ambitious Germans!

And finally to the stout fellows who graciously honored me with a Liebster Award for my blog please know that it was really appreciated and I'm working on posting my favorite 10 blogs that I think are tops...(I know, not the exact rules of the game...but I follow and enjoy 160 blogs on a regular basis and I thought that it would be good to honor the top ten...maybe I'll do a "Lead Gardens Top Way Beyond Cool Gaming Bogs Award" ...suffice to say I'm compiling that list right this minute and hopefully will be my holiday "shout-out" to all my favorites who give me so much pleasure and inspiration...Thanks Everyone!


Ross Mac said...

Very nice looking toys/models and an interesting little game.

Peter Douglas said...


Great looking ships and mat.


Stryker said...

The models look great but I would question the rules that allow a German ship to sink a British one!

David Crook said...

Hi Littlejohn,

The models look really nice and as a long time fan of the Brandenburg class I am delighted at the result!

Any more models in the pipeline?

All the best,


Jim Duncan said...


tidders said...

Great stuff - looking good

-- Allan

Steven Page said...

This had to be joint maneuvers, as the REAL enemies are bound to be France and Russia.....

The game and the ships look wonderful.

littlejohn said...

@ Stryker,

Indeed it's the "world turned upside down"!

I'll have to "dial in" my understanding of the combatants in this era and probably the French and the Russians will be the "bad-guys" eventually...and I'm sure the Japanese will figure as well...