Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Intel Needed

I was doing some Spring cleaning in my storage space and I happened on these old figures...not sure of the make but the horseman this evening has already been black-primed and converted for duty as an ADC of the mighty Army of Grolstein. I was guessing he might be a Holgar Ericksson sculpt, but the base is stamped with "S. Africa" like the grenadiers shown here in grey primer. Anyone have a take on what make these guys might be?  I cut the pistol off the figure and moved the arm so it is not original anymore. (the figure in the distance (a musketeer with long coatails) has a different smaller base so I'm guessing he might be a Stadden or Tradition??)...any help on ID on these figures would be much appreciated!


Ed said...

Swedish African Engineers (SAE)?


littlejohn said...

LOL...yes maybe that's it.... ;)

I'm going ahead and painting the mounted guy up right this Grolstein ADC garb...scarlet all around!

Ross Mac said...

SAE would be my guess as well. I think of them as having sold boxes of painted figures

but I think they may have been available naked.