Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WWII British and Germans For Sale

Welcome to my 100th Follower (BigLee)!... and today some 20/25mm WWII figures for sale.
See them on ebay HERE.

NOTE: The auctions have ended on these without them being sold so they have been broken down into smaller lots and relisted- here is a link to the German infantry and you can find the rest under "see seller's other items"

It's elements of the Grenadier Guards circa Arnhem and based up for "Rapid Fire".

Believe it or not those "Armorfast" quick-build kits detail up pretty nicely (with some added detailing)...this is the Achilles TD.

And I'm also selling a German Panzer brigade (modeled after PZ BGD 107 from the Arnhem battles)

These are scratchbuilt conversions of a Flame thrower halftrack and a "Drilling" AA halftrack based on basic 251s by Hat (Armorfast kits)

Find the Germans HERE


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BigLee said...

Thanks for the 'shout out'. I'm but a humble latecomer to this excellent blog.