Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unpacking the "Big Rigs"!

 Having time to set up a big game is tough these days when work gets more intense as the Spring semester reaches mid term, but I was determined last weekend to set of my 40mm ECW stuff just for the sake of seeing them again!

I worked up a simple set piece that allowed all of my collection to be deployed on the table. My 40mm stuff has reached about the maximum my 8x5 table can hold so I've come to a sort of end point in the collecting except for some more light guns and such.

 I'm still grappling with financial woes and these fine fellows are under consideration for selling...but I'm still agonizing over the prosect....

I know that if they do get sold I'll probably start a new ECW collection in 28mm at some point, as I am doing with colonials. At least I enjoy painting so selling a big collection has it's up-side.

But still, these guys have given me a lot of pleasure and they were the original reason I started the Lead Gardens blog, so I have a good bit of loyalty I'd have to overcome to part with them...and at 40mm they do command in the eye candy department! But like a shark one must always keep moving to stay alive...

That being said...If any of my readers are interested in this collection, drop me a line at: ddugas@vt.edu


Neil said...

A very impressive collection!

Ross Mac said...

and they are a fine looking host. A shame to see them leave but I've been there. Hopefully someone with deep pockets will make a good offer.


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Very pretty set-up and miniatures there!

Best Regards,


tidders said...

Great collection, shame to let them go though.

I'm reaching my storage and play surface limit for my 40mm ECWs - still have a couple of other ideas for other gaming in ECW - there the clubmen and some adventure type games with smaller number of figs.

-- Allan

A J said...

I feel your pain. Just about everything I make for wargaming has to be sold to pay bills these days. They're fine fellows, and if it comes to selling, I hope you get a fine price for them.