Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Grand Duchess' Coach: Part 2

The coach in of the Bleiherzen raiders...gets a four move head start as the die rolls for the Bleiherzen force have them all entering on turn four. The Coach escort gets 24" down the road before the enemy is sighted!

Overview of the fourth turn....the raiders appear!

...and the rear guard of the coach escort appears...

Colnel Volger's Freikorps in their first action, advance smartly to engage the column escort.

The Bleiherzen center moves to block the head of the coulumn, the Kuschen hussars on the left, and 2 squadrons fo the Konigswald Dragoons on the right.

The Grolstein column forms up to the left of the road, leaving the right flank exposed and guarded only by the small party of picked Croat sharpshooters who quickly conceal themselves in a wooded copse along the road.

The Grolstein rearguard moves quickly to cover the right flank.

Volger' Freikorps begins the affair with an exchange of musketry at long range. In this game I give the Croat sharpshooters an extra pip on the die to hit.

Croats returning fire...while the coach driver frantically hunts for a weapon...

In the center the two cavalry forces close the distance in preparation for a charge. the cavalry clash begins in earnest, Volger's Freikorps tops the crest of a small ridge and peppers the column escort with well aimed fire...the jagers are under strict orders not to fire on the coach itself.

Friekorps dragoons move in on the weakly guarded flank of the column and are opposed by the hussars.

meanwhile on the Bleiherzen right, a large body of Grolstein cuirassiers thunders down the road to the rescue.
The cavalry melee is quick and ferocious, and the Grolsteiners get the best of it, sending both of the Bleiherzen squadrons to the rear pursued by the Duchess' Poles.

to be continued...

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abdul666 said...

And eye-candy indeed.

A J said...

A brisk action, with all still to play for!

Capt Bill said...

Since your site is one of my favorities, I am very excited to have won the ebay auction of your Prussian Infantry unit. You can be assured they will serve with great pride in my army. Thanks for being such a great inspiration...

littlejohn said...


Thanks a lot for buying those Prussians. I always hope the units I sell provide their new commanders with much faithful campaigning and gaming joy!


Anonymous said...

Nice game report so far. Can't wait for the next part. Gripping stuff.

tidders said...

I'm on tenterhooks - waiting for the end result

-- Allan