Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Summer Shelf Clearing

There's more "shelf clearing" going on here at the Lead Gardens since I'm trying to both trim down to a few core periods and to drum up some funds to flesh out those collections, so please check out my new ebay listings---here is an ebay link and just follow that page to the several auctions of my Sudan colonial stuff for sale.

I'm basically selling off my 25mm Egyptians, Mahdist/Dervish, and Sudanese....and potentially I'll be posting some scratchbuilt gunboats and Naval brigade in a day or so...but I think I'll have to have a wine or two to ease the sting of parting with them!  In addition there will be 15mm FOW Italians and 1/72 Brit and German WWII vehicles and armor up for auction as soon as I get the pics taken tonight.

I'm still hoping to maintain some colonials in my collection but I think it will be the NW Frontier or some fictitious colonial world to allow for more varied kinds of battles.

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