Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Hail the Conquering Blackwash!

I'm finally getting back to a long dormant ancients project doing several armies for Warmaster Ancients in 10mm. Today I finished a unit of Syracusan Epilektoi hoplites. I found some nice info on hoplites that those of you paint ancients might have not yet run across. It's an extensive post on hoplites I found on a Forum called the link to the post is here. This unit I've just finished represents a body of elite hoplites fielded by Syracuse. Apparently Syracuse was able to muster large numbers of hoplites but most were barely trained and armoured. Thus this unit will be the army's only strong body of spears. The other three yet to be painted will be a mix of levy and regular units. These guys are reported to have had iron gear as opposed to the older bronze. The rest of the Syracuse army will rounded out with light troops, a unit of cav, and some bolt throwers.

 The whole collection of 10mm ancients (that I have stashed...all from Magister Militum) will be:

Polybian Roman (completed)
Carthaginian (completed)
Syracuse (on the way)
Aexandrian Macedonian (still in bags)
Indian (still in bags)
Acheamenid Persians (still in bags)

...and if I can still muster the patience, Spanish or Numidian.

These 10mm guys do seem to take a bit of zen-like patience, not because they are all that hard to paint (...I can't really see them anyway...), but that there are so many of the little buggers...I went with a uniform shield design based on the website's info...though probably there would have been less uniformity...but at this scale I'm just not up to the task of individual shield devices yet...perhaps when I get to my greek mercenary hoplites in the Persian army, I'll step up and get serious. But in general at this scale "blackwash" seems to really do the job of hiding the mistakes and tying it all together.


Consul said...

These are fantastic!

Fitz-Badger said...

Nicely done!

tidders said...

Neat painting

Thanks for the link to the info on the hellenistic hoplites

-- Allan