Saturday, July 24, 2010

Conquering the Syracusans: One Little Guy At a Time

 In progress...a 1000 point Syracusan army based for Warmaster Ancients

 My 10mm ancients project is still chugging forward though it sometimes seems like I'm pushing behind the front rank of a hoplite "scrum", but still the units seem to get done eventually. With individually cast 10mm figures like Magister Militum, you spend a good bit of time cleaning and basing everything up. Regardless, they are really beautiful castings, but still require each base to be filed flat and just a few bits of flash trimmed off... so it makes the painting seem relatively easy by comparison. I was able to get the entire Syracuse army cleaned, primed and based today and I'm starting in on the first of 4 units of "peltasts" (actually more like light hoplites) and I have 4 units of heavy hoplites completed already. I did three units with shield blazons that were identical, but last night I got serious and did a unit of mercenaries with each figure carrying a different shield blazon.

More Hoplites!

I'm priming everything white and then laying on the basic colors fairly roughly, coming back with an ink wash to cover the white spots and then finishing up with belts, highhlights and touch-ups...the entire process takes about a half-day for each 3 stand unit...not too bad. 

I'm hoping to have this army done by the end of the week? ...and maybe these guys can go up against my Republican Romans next weekend... by which time the "CinC Lead Gardens" will be back from a month in the Big Apple so she can take over with the little-ones (the non-metal ones...) and give me some much needed gaming time!


A J said...

A nice array there. I sympathise on all the work involved cleaning figures!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I particularly like the look of those hoplites . . . a very nice mix of shields, sir.

-- Jeff

PS, you might want to delete all of those oriental comments.

luca said...

great job colleague!!! actually Syracusan are on my workbench.
I'll look at your blog regularly.

Vouray said...

Thanks guys and Welcome aboard luca! I'll be sure to post some pics of the finished army asap...