Monday, May 31, 2010

RSM : Spencer Smith Comparison

In the last post Capt. Bill kindly asked about the comparison between Spencer Smith figures and RSMs a question that was on my mind when I ordered the SS figures. I had seen some comparisons out there on the net but thought a close set of comparison pics was in order. So here they are:

RSM on the left, Spencer Smith on the right.
(...the grid in the background is a 1/2 inch grid)

The difference between the two castings is most apparent in the front and rear views, since the SS figures are more semi-round

note also that these pics are really "extreme" close-ups and show both my weaknesses as a painter and the level of detail of these older style castings...but at "table range" and en masse, I think they are great, classic figures!

Here, a bit farther off...(a close "table range")

Spencer Sniths in full glory!

and RSMs rousing the locals with a marching song in the early morning!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Thank you for these "comparison photos", sir.

I might point out that the "Minden Miniatures" are very close to the RSM in size and "heft". One key is to look at the feet . . . RSM infantry leads with the right foot: Minden's with the left.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Yes I was also thinking it would be nice to have a "classic" 18thc minis comparison with Mindens, RSMs, Spencers, and Huzzas and perhaps Minifigs.

Capt Bill said...

I have always admired the Spencers figures, but never owned any myself. Your comparsion pictures are rellay helpful, THANKS. I admired you RSM armies so such, I have used them for my Beerstein troops. The Minden figures are very close to the RSM's and I have gradually been supplimenting my collection with them. I recently ordred some Minden Hussars and was disappointed when half of the horses had their legs out stretched insteady of bunched beneath them. Then I realized I had extra RSM horses which match so I can mount the unit on horses that look alike.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I know that one can specify horse poses from RSM and, I suspect, that one could also do so from Frank at Minden. Personally I wanted a mix of stretched and bunched with my RSM Hussars . . . but tastes vary.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks for answering this nagging question. I'll have to purchase a unit of Specncer Smith infantry now (darn it!) since they will go so well with my RSM figures. And by the way, that's some very nice painting on your figures there. Don't sell yourself short.

Best Regards,


ECW 40mm Project said...

I had no idea these were semi-flats like Prince August!

You're painting is just great!

Thanks for the comparison.