Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gentlemen Pensioners of the Konigreich

Spent an enjoyable afternoon painting up my first Spencer Smith in the uniform of the Gentleman Pensioners (Herrsoldaten) Regiment of the Konigreich der Bleiherzen! For this unit I'm going with a slightly "greyed" tone of mid blue with deep red facings for this unit of veterans...nothing too flashy just "classic" ;)...

The Spencer Smiths paint up really fast but it does take a bit of knowledge of 18th century uniforms to get the details painted in because they are only suggested on the castings. These pics of the first test figure are still in a matte finish, the final step will be to give them a nice "bullet proof" coat of "Krylon Triple Thick Gloss" to finish them off in good style. I'm using the great (and well known) set of pics and instructions found on the Spencer Smith site of Henry Heyde's painting of his classic Regiment Regiment von Eintopf as a guide to getting these guys done in classic style...and I'm already looking covetously at the beautiful Holgar Erikkson cavalry for another unit of Bleiherzen veterans....(the CinC LeadGardens is going to kill me!! ;)


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good!
I was thinking just as you mentioned it, that it really helps to know a bit about the uniforms and accoutremnets to paint those up properly.
On the other hand, just because detail is molded on sharply in other figures doesn't mean I necessarily know what all the bits are or what colors they should be! :)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Amen, Fitz-Badger.

Looks good, LittleJohn.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

An elegant, yet sober uniform: perfectly in harmony with the name of the regiment!


Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice brush work on the Spencer Smiths. They are kind of hard to work with, because the figures are so different than anything else I have ever tried to paint. I gave up in frustration with mine and gave them away to Henry Hyde. Yours look nice.