Monday, May 10, 2010

Close Combat at Five Yards...on Skis!?

As I was pitching in to a new summer project, (a "slightly"-Imaginary 20thc Interwar era collection in 28 mm inspired by the Interbellum blog) I found myself hunting around for some painting inspiration and found this interesting —but to my mind, crazy/fanciful— image of a charge on skis?!. It would be interesting to know if this image was inspired by some real event...and what would have happened in the picture 30 seconds later! The webpage it was found on seemed to be an "orphan" with no functioning links in or out of the page.

I started small with a unit of 8, 28mm French Chasseurs Alpin that just arrived from Askari Miniatures (nice figures and will post pics soon!). Though I had wanted to do a toy soldier style collection inspired by the Funny Little Wars Rules, the cost and exchange rate precluded doing anything in 40mm and the conversion of 54mm plastics seemed a bit more than I could handle in these days of limited time and energy. So I'm going with a more "turn key" approach with 25/28mm primarily using Battle Honors and Old Glory with Askari to fill in some of the exotic types that might make an appearance. I'm still in the planning stages on what armies and equipment (except I'm sure one of them will be using French equipment...because I dig those tiny FT17 tanks and horizon blue uniforms!)


Bluebear Jeff said...

That indeed is an interesting "charge". Please let us know if anyone can shed light on it.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

What an odd picture. How do the skiers move or turn round quickly ?

-- Allan