Thursday, June 4, 2009

Action at Grosse Kirchbaum

Another small 18th century scenario I set up a couple of days ago, this one involving the Konigreich and Grolstein. I was working on this map last night of the battle (used Adobe Illustrator) and I was thinking that maps and mapping is one of those wonderful sub-interests that the hobby of wargaming encompasses and can be an absorbing pursuit in itself.

In making this map, I finally got down to trying at drawing my own standard symbols in Illustrator and trying to puzzle out such complexities as using the "gradient tool". I wanted to try using buildings that appeared "in elevation" rather than a block footprint but it poses some problems when you want a unit to be posted in a town. I opted to try putting the unit symbol "behind" the front layer of building symbols and made units in town transparent so you could see the buildings "under" the unit.

Anyway, this scenario may not be balanced but it is basically a column of Grolsteiners (Red) attempting to cross into Bleiherzen (Blue) via a bridge and a ford. I set up the forces with Grolstein having a straight up 2-1 advantage of each arm. The table is taken from an area that is in much dispute between the two countries.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Presumably a battle report will follow in a few days.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

I was able to play a few turns today and I broke out the "good camera" and yes hopefully a good report of the battle...and a little added surprise to boot involving a sneaky Grolstein spy!!

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking forward to the battle report with pics! Nice map. I enjoy that aspect/side hobby, too.

Capt Bill said...

Your maps are wonderful, but I really enjoy your battle reports and photos...Bill

tradgardmastare said...

looking good Sir!