Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9th Bengal Lancers---In a Day!

So I'm indulging in a bit of gloating tonight...at exactly 12:02 AM I finished a troop of the 9th Bengal Lancers for my growing Sudan collection. I started them at 7 am this morning and worked on them periodically throughout the day. Even with my little guy home with a slight fever and a newborn in the house (she sleeps a good bit), I was able to paint a little each hour and lo and behold a finished unit! I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out and hopefully I will be able to get the entire collection into action before the end of the week!...nothing like finishing a cool unit to get the painting momentum moving!

(...'cause I'm going to need it when the entire Mahdist force arrives in a few days!)

The Old Glory figures worked out well and I was particularly happy with the horses since some Old Glory horses (the older castings) are a bit skinny...the colonials however I think were redesigned back in the late 90s. These horses are really nice and animated so the unit looks very "spirited". The other factor that played to my advantage today is the khaki uniforms are really well suited to a paint and wash approach that tends to go pretty fast...I used GW washes and was really pleased with the way they work on a white undercoated figure. I'm planning on using Connoisseur Minis to fill out the collection. They are now carried by Bicorn Miniatures and they have a nice Sudan range that will fill the gaps that the Old Glory figures don't cover.


Donogh said...

Great stuff. Really nice unit.
I'm trying to ignore the fact that you've painted up the entire unit in a day.
I can't even use our tyro of a little 14-month old girl as an excuse for my lack of painting this past while as you've outflanked me there already!

Bluebear Jeff said...

A very impressive unit indeed. . . . and to finish it in a single day! I'm envious, sir. Just envious.

-- Jeff

BigRedBat said...

Fantastic output for a single day!

legatus hedlius said...

Very nice unit. The bamboo lances are particularly well done!

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent and quick work! A very nice unit. :-)

tidders said...

Lovely unit.

On my list of temptations for wargaming is the Sudan camapaigns - one day ?

-- Allan