Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Prince August Molds

Just getting home and tucking into an afternoon martini after a tough day at work is usually enough for me to feel good, but today was extra-good... my mailbox was stuffed with a box from Prince August with a fat box of some much needed molds! These arrived here in Virginia in record time...a mere week across the pond. I think the folks at PA have made a nice effort with their new website and new molds to step up their business and I really hope all the PA fans out there encourage them. Also included is a nice new catalog with good illustrations of all the available figures.

I also realized that I had forgotten that I had submitted an order for 2, 40mm Karoliner "914" molds in loading poses so I now combined with the firing poses I already have, I've got the ability to cast up some "freikorps" light troops in half the time! I was also inspired to add a sapper/engineer company to my armies and have some base figures for conversions so the new artillery figures will do well in that regard.

...Now where are those bloody olives...


tradgardmastare said...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Isn't it nice when the post has something beside bills in it?

-- Jeff

Andrew said...


I have been sat here looking at the Prince August site and dithering over getting some more molds so I can really understand the excitement.

tidders said...

Nice addition to your collection of molds - happy casting

and drinking :)

-- Allan

Corporal_Trim said...

Very good, littlejohn. I look forward to seeing what you make of the latest ones.

PA always manages to disappoint me more than please me with most of their new releases, but seeing some of your painted examples may sway me in favor of these latest molds.


Millsy said...

Wow! This takes me back. When I first started gaming 30 odd years ago I had a set of these. Seeing these out there still may well prove yet another distraction ;-)

Chris said...


Where in Virginia do you live? Fairfax County or thereabouts?


Chris said...

I just noticed you live in Blacksburg--about as far from my neck of the woods and still be in the same state as possible! Oh well. Maybe our paths will still cross some day. Do you go to the HMGS conventions? Or the Williamsburg Musters?

Chris again