Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plans and Schemes

After some long soul searching, (and the grinding pressures of the economy), I have come to the realization that I do really love 40mm as a scale of choice, and since my Prince August Homecast project is coming along well, I am seriously considering offering my entire  25mm RSM/Minden Imaginations collection for sale!? 

Those of you have enjoyed the exploits of the Konigreich der Bleiherzen and the Grand Duchy of Grolstein over the past years, fear not as a change in scale will not mean these two most bellicose of little nations will disappear from the Lead Gardens. But it might mean the troops gain in stature from 25/28mm to 40mm...That being said, anyone who is interested in a buying really nice, beautifully painted, collection of miniatures Imaginations/Old School style, please feel free to drop me a line at

The Real Deal-Classic style!
I am currently counting the lads up and am working on a complete list. I am also considering including all of the cool "classic wargaming" buildings I have scratchbuilt over the years as well...(I'm going to ignore my longstanding rule: never sell the terrain!...) so...if there is any interest let me know!

I'm having to write this under the influence of a stout martini, because it's a bit painful to contemplate the necessary end of an era...but upwards and onwards...! Huzza!

10mm Panzer Brigade 107 circa 1944
...and remember I still have a nice collection of 10mm WWII Pendrakens (Brits and Germans) up for sale as well...

...and finally I've got some 28mm civilians (unpainted Blue Moon and Eureka up for auction on ebay):


tidders said...

40mm bug bites eh !

I have a seperate 'war zone' for my 40mm - so I maintain two collections. The 40mm tend to be smaller games and the 28/39mm large battles.

Shame to sell off stuff, I have the similar problem at the moment a large pile of 'treasured' model railroad bits not doing anything.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New year

-- Allan

DeanM said...

Lovely armies. Best, Dean

Der Alte Fritz said...

Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloggerator said...

Did you ever sell them off? If not, drop me a line at

Greg Horne