Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lorraine Regiment in 40mm

The Lorraine Regiment, Commanded by the Marquis de Villeroy- two "companies" of 16 plus an 8 man company of grenadiers following, so really the line companies are more like historical "wings"
 Here are some more pics of my new 40mm French (Prince August homecasts). I'm finding that since the figures are 3/4 flats they can be based to roughly the same frontage as my 25mm RSMs and still look impressive when lined up.

Lorraine grenadier company...these are some of the older molds that PA offers. They are a bit flatter than the newer molds but I think they still look pretty cool.

The Marquis de Montrimal leads two squadrons of the Royal Roussion Cavalerie
 A few weeks ago my son and I could not wait to get to the gaming space we have in the back of my wife's yarn shop so we set up a quick battle on our kitchen counter one evening. He of course clobbered me and the French drew first blood. But I claim that my lack of cavalry was the problem not my bad rolling...
Grenadier company of the 12th Foot


Anonymous said...

This is all coming along very nicely-I am very tempted to have a go at this myself.

littlejohn said...

Homecast is definitely the way to go if, like me, you have a lot of otherwise unsellable metal laying's a great way to turn that stuff to good use...and it seems to impress my wife by not hammering the bank account! ;)

DeanM said...

Beautiful! Love the nostalgic look. Best, Dean

Rodger said...

Very very cool. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Ordered my first mould last night!

littlejohn said...

Matt, Welcome to the party!...I got here a bit late as well after many years of contemplating going this route...I'll be looking forward to seeing your first unit.

tidders said...

French troops look real nice. The foot print of infantry is about the same as 28/30mm, but cavalry does take up more space

Nice kitchen worktop game by the look of it

-- Allan

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

Once you start casting your own you will never look back.

I started with 2 moulds and now have about 16.

I now have over 260 figures painted and another 120 ready to go.


Ross Mac said...

Ah well, don't the English always lose the 1st battle and win the war?

Few troops look as natural on a counter-top than shiny semi-flats.

littlejohn said...

@ 260 that's an impressive number of figures! Did you use old figures for the metal?

@ Ross,...yes it was a pretty spectacle even without terrain...the black surface seemed to bring out the best in the figures. Old School requires a taste for "the abstract" I think...

Mark Dudley said...


I used three sources for my metal

1. Old Figures re cycled
2. Metal off cuts from fellow Ilkley gamer Olicana Lad (he paints figures for a living so is a good source)
3. Metal bars bought from Lancashire games.