Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Features and a New Battle!

A meeting engagement generated by random card draw.
My dear wife let me in on a "Blogger" secret that has until now gone unnoticed by normally technically savvy self... she showed me how to put a line of page links just below the banner, so henceforth, there will be a header with links just under the Lead Gardens blog banner...just like a "real" webpage. Now I just have to figure out what goes there...most importantly I'll be able to post my eBay figure auctions easily with out having to make a new post each time. They will be listed as links under the "Figures" button. Also be sure to check in on the "Downloads" page...there I will be putting up links to some free stuff to download. So hopefully more interesting stuff to come soon.

The Grolstein main body enters in column
Also today I'm posting some pics of a recent meeting engagement between my ImagiNations. The battle was interesting in that I used a deck of "mission cards" from a "Risk" boardgame that have images of an infantryman, a cavalryman, or a gun. I dealt to each side three rows of cards, the first of two cards would be the advanced guard, the second of 4 cards would comprise the main body, and the final row of 3 cards would comprise the rearguard. I dealt the cards and then rolled 1D6 for the main body to determine the turn of arrival, and 2D6 to set the arrival of the rearguard. I didn't turn the cards until the turn of arrival so as a solo game it gave a bit of uncertainty as to how the forces would be played in the initial stages of the battle. Both side deployed their advance guards one move in from the table edges.
Colonel Gluklich ("luckyshot") deploys his battery in preparation for longrange bombardment.
both sides moved on from the short table edges so the battle developed a bit more slowly...and each side manuevered to control a large hill at mid table.
the light cavalry of both sides initially contested the hill, but as more cavalry moved up the hill became a major site of a large cavalry engagement.
Height of the battle with infantry and cavalry hotly engaged!

The battle rages at turn 12
I was not able to finish the fight so I'll hopefully have some time later this week to complete this AAR.


abdul666 said...

Always a pleasure to see your 'Imagi-Native' units in action!

Brigadier Dundas said...

Interesting card-turn idea. Nicely presented units; loved the "smoke".


Archduke Piccolo said...

I get a wonderful feeling of beatitude whenever I see pictures of your Imagi-Nations battlefields... What more can T say? Great stuff!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Love the use of the cards to randomise a solo game - I recall reading simialr ideas in Featherstone's bible to solo wargaming, but have never used them myself

Anonymous said...

Really nice looking setup. Gives me somthing to work towards.