Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August, and the Desert Bug Bites!

The Western Desert Bug has bitten hard here at the Lead Gardens...and WWII things in general. I've broken out the 15mm stuff that has been sitting in boxes for way too long in what I hope to be a brisk Fall season of wargaming despite a busy teaching schedule...but as my non-academic friends often say..."That ain't working!"

Today, I also received a shipment of 20mm Raventhorpe figures (Brits and Germans) for late WWII from RLPBS  that will be underway on the painting table soon. I'm doing small forces for the Arnhem operation using Rapid Fire.

In the meantime please enjoy some pics of a 15mm Italian artillery battery pounding the advancing Brits.

...while the Italian staff enjoy a nice meal and a fine red...

and the South African armored cars probe forward...

Mama Mia!...it's Hot Work indeed!

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A J said...

Very nice! I've always had a soft spot for WW2 Western Desert.