Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Campaigning

Bleiherzen cavalry reorganizing after their recent victory.

Thanks to all my readers on this Easter Day! Your comments on the last battle report were really inspiring! Spring has brought a renewed energy to gaming here at the Lead Gardens. The last battle with my friend Eric was a blast, and I'm already planning the next...this time I'm thinking a refight of the ECW battle of Newbury. After our last battle, Eric and I got to thinking about the next encounter, and he expressed interest in breaking out the "40s" and having a I'm working on the scenario, and hopefully this next weekend or so we can give it a try. Hopefully, I can also get in a "parade" of my ImagiNations soon as suggested by Jean-Louis (abdul666) is about time to have a show of 18th century military splendor!

I'm also working on a couple small armies for WWII in 1/72 using a few rule sets that I've not played in a while, (Rapid Fire, Crossfire, and Piquet). The new WWII plastics from Valiant have proven to be fun to paint and I'm just keeping the ambitions within reason, building only initially a British infantry battalion supported by an armor company and a corresponding German Kampfgruppe. I once had many hundreds of 20mm WWII and vehicles but liquidated them all on ebay to pursue the 18th century...but now with the advent of cheap plastics I can "dabble" again in a much loved period without breaking the bank!

The main forces are done and I'm just now finishing up the softskins and some supporting guns and such. I haven't built a 1/72 kit in a long while and as you can see the Sdkfz 251 halftracks from Dragon are under construction...truly beautifully detailed kits, but I'm glad I'm not trying to produce a whole bunch of them....they are REALLY detailed. In the pics you can also see a couple of inexpensive "Armourfast" STUG IIIs a fast building simple kit from "Hat" minis. The Valiants are bit large for the vehicles but not in a very noticeable way, and as any died-in-the-wool 1/72-20mm WWII gamer knows, scale compromises have to be made. But the stuff looks great all painted up and detailed and the differences in size hardly noticeable on the table... so I'm happy, and will be posting some pics soon.

And finally Congratulations to Craig (CWT) for correctly naming the battlefield mentioned in the last post. He will be getting a painted RSM general as his prize...and...(CWT drop me an e-mail at!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh good. I enjoy your ECW photos and game accounts . . . and will look forward to the next one.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Scale fudging is indeed acceptable particularly in WW2 plastics. I use HO scale 1/87 vehicles with my 1/72 troops as a normal thing, and also mix in some similarly sized diecast toys.

Anonymous said...

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